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Interhack Interhack News News 2010 Key to Interhack Taxonomy of Data Breaches Presented at IEEE Workshop

Key to Interhack Taxonomy of Data Breaches Presented at IEEE Workshop

May 20, 2010—Interhack Corporation is happy to announce a key to improve consistency of classification of data breaches within its taxonomy of data breaches published in 2009. The key was presented as a work in progress paper at the IEEE workshop on Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering (SADFE), in Berkeley, California on May 20, 2010. 

In earlier research, Interhack proposed a taxonomy to classify data breaches by proximate cause based on public information that is both accurate and as precise as the data will allow. The analysis showed statistically significant correlations between breach type and some industries. The research, Using Science to Combat Data Loss: Analysis of Breaches by Type and Industry, was published in Volume 4, Issue 3 (Winter 2008–09) of I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society. 

The paper Standardizing Breach Incident Reporting: Introduction of a Key for Hierarchical Classification was authored by Interhack Founder C. Matthew Curtin, Interhack Senior Analyst Lee T. Ayres, and University of Washington student Thomas A. Ng. Mr. Ng presented the paper at the IEEE SADFE workshop. 

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