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Interhack Cybersecurity


Interhack's Cybersecurity Practice helps you to defend your organization.

Cybersecurity is a diverse topic, including data breaches, compliance violations, and corporate espionage. Security failures can undermine confidence in a brand and can result in catastrophic losses through changes in customer behavior, cancelled contracts, and stolen trade secrets.

The Interhack system of Cybersecurity Services has six parts.

Vulnerability Assessment
will show you where your systems are vulnerable, and how your systems are impacted by those vulnerabilities.
Penetration Testing
shows you how well your organization detects and responds to active attacks by having our team of experts conduct controlled attacks you authorize.
Information Security Assessment
shows you how well your organization addresses information security, as seen through the prism of relevant industry standards.
Application Security Evaluation
shows you how your security concerns have been identified and are managed through system design and implementation.
Network Traffic Assessment
shows you what is actually on your network, and helps you verify that you have only what you think you have.
Criticality Assessment
provides you a view of your organization's most mission-critical information, where it can be found, and how the organization is impacted by a loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Since its founding in 2000, Interhack has been helping organizations to understand what to secure, how to secure it, and how to regain control when failures happen. Our research has been cited in the formal literature of computer science, information security, and law. Our clients work in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, higher education, finance, energy, public administration, and other sectors.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your needs and expectations. We'll be happy to have our experts engage with you to show you how best to find the balance of utility, risk, and expense.

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