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Interhack Computer Expert

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Analysis and presentation that stands up to cross-examination.

Computer technology and data can be complicated. Understanding how they relate to a dispute can be critical in deciding in favor of one party or another. Interhack's Computer Expert practice provides attorneys access to consulting and testifying experts in computing. Our practice is organized into four Task Forces.

“You were efficient, prompt, and cost-effective. Great quality. I never hesitate to bring you aboard.”
—Unsolicited client feedback
Computer Crime
investigates computer data used in criminal matters, including pandering obscenity with a computer, computer intrusions, and theft of intellectual property.
Intellectual Property
supports the prosecution and defense of trade secret, copyright, and related claims.
Security and Privacy
assesses security strategy, operations, and technology, in preparation for and response to data breaches and other incidents.
Data Analytics and Forensics
develops an understanding of data, in the creation of reports that can be used in litigation, and in development of expert reports of data analysis in civil matters.

Our experts have experience in criminal, civil, military, and administrative proceedings in state and federal matters.

Contact us to schedule a conference regarding your matter, and we'll bring in the experts to help you ask the right question and get an answer you can rely on in court.

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