Gary Ellison

Visiting Fellow, Interhack Corporation

As a Visiting Fellow at Interhack, Gary is a key member of the Internet Privacy Project, studying data security and privacy issues on the Internet and in Internet-connected applications. Numerous technical reports have been issued on various findings from the project , ranging from failure of "opt-out" systems to discussion of the privacy implications of myopic design in the large.

Gary was previously a Sr. Staff Engineer Java Security and Networking at the Within the Java Software Division of Sun Microsystems, he was the Java Security Architect for Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE). Gary was also responsible for the architecture and design of the other security components of J2SE including, Java Authorization and Authentication (JAAS), Java Cryptography Extension (JCE), and Java Secure Socket Extention (JSSE). Due to the interdependencies of security and networking Gary pareticipates in the architecture of the networking infrastructure within J2SE.

Prior to joining Sun, Gary was in the Internet Services Group at AT&T Laboratories and Bell Laboratories. He was the Lead engineer responsible for security, architecture, deployment and implementation of AT&T's corporate web server and extranet services.